Former world number one Martin Kaymer, currently playing on the World Golf Championships: Cadillac Championship, sat down for an interview with the local media after a day on course at the Championships and poured his heart out, regarding how he reached the top and how he approached the Championships immediately after he became the number one golfer in the world and much more.

Speaking to the media which wanted his views on the new world number one Rory McIlroy, Kaymer stated that he had played against him a few years back when he was extremely raw and it was evident that he had it in him to succeed at the very top level of golf and he has been proven right by the 22 year old when he became the youngest player to achieve the number one rankings in the world.

Martin Kaymer also spoke about how he received a congratulatory message from the first ever world number one and so far, the only other German to achieve the feat in 1986 Bernhard Langer after he became the number one ranked golfer last year. He added that his compatriot had warned him against all the miseries that being number one in the world comes with and he extended the same advice to McIlroy, who, he said is now a target for the entire golfing clan at the moment and all the others will be after his title and looking to beat him.

When asked about how he approached the Cadillac Championships last year when Kaymer had just become the world number one, Martin Kaymer stated that maintaining a low profile helped him a lot and keeping away from the spotlight is something that he enjoys, which most young players in today’s game don’t do and are easily distracted as a result.


Tom Lewis has shown quite an extra ordinary performance with his array of skills and the achievements he has managed to obtain in such a short span of time.

Winning the Portugal Masters has made him set a record for the fastest golf player to win a title at such a short span of his professional career. Tiger Woods was known for this quick succession of victories, but his first win only came on his fifth tournament. Rory Mc’Ilroy did not enjoy the sweet taste of victory until his 38th tournament.

Tom Lewis follows a very simple strategy which involves that of aiming to win rather than worrying about the cash flow and other factors. When one just has victory in their minds, it becomes quite easy to achieve the victory. This new champion has managed to get 22 birdies and has also gained 1 bogey in the last 52 shots that he has played. These statistics go on to show the level of game play which is surely going to improve with the growth of his career.

Tom Lewis is quite shocked himself at the victory at such an early stage of his career. He does realize that he needs to go a long way before he can be compared to Rory and Tiger Woods. His performance and victories should be consistent and that’s when he might get recognition and people will know him throughout whether ir not he wins. His aim is to focus on the game right now, excel in the areas he is lacking and master all the moves and tactics of the game. Tom Lewis can bask in the glory as of now and enjoy the glamour and attention he is getting right now before he sets his foot on serious practice once again.