Dream Comes True For Shannon Sykora

Two years ago one of the most ecstatic things happened in the life of Shannon Sykora when he was named the coach for the Barry University Women’s golf. However he was appointed as the interim coach at that time meaning that his job would be a temporary one. But that did not diminish the enthusiasm for the love towards the sport and that led him to finish his team in the third spot in the nation and along with that his team is also ranked second in the while country. His success also had several other feathers when a junior player from Venezuela who was also one of his team members became the first player to become the national champion from her school. Apart from her there were other very important players too who played key roles to achieve this feat. Given below are some of the names along with their achievements under Shannon:
• Maria Paola Fioro- she is a team leader and also one of Shannon’s starting players.
• Nicky Ferre- so far this season she has reached the Division II and has also been in the second rank. To add to this she has also finished in the top five in four major tournaments till now.
• Francesca Perini- she is a junior from Italy but has been in the good books of Shannon. He once said that she is a very good scorer and also a strong putter. Quite a compliment for a junior player.
• Daniela Murray- she is also a junior player but she is from Brazil. She is said to have a short and she is very precise.
• Martina Bertuccioli- so far in the first four tournaments this Argentina freshman was selected to be in the starting lineup for Shannon’s team.