Fowler Paying Tribute To Late Payne Stewart

Fowler appears to be very cool coming from school straightaway. In spite of just one triumph of PGA Tour he has already become famous. He comes across as a very fashionable golfer with his looks, clothes and demeanour. Strangely he has female fans following him and suggests that he resembles like Johnny Depp.

For the first round of the U.S Open he will be paying tribute to the late Payne Stewart and that is why he is blessed with a soul which is genuine. On a Thursday morning he dressed like Payne Stewart and his fellow compatriots were surprised to see him in such a getup. Phil Mickelson acknowledged his act and gave him a thumbs-up. Phil Mickelson had lost to Stewart in 1999. But Fowler did not follow tam-o’-shanter of Stewart which was his trademark style. But all in all he was pleased with his dressing. It was certainly no gimmick of marketing rather it was sheer tribute and homage that he gave to Stewart.

It acted as an inspiration for him since while he was in the car with his mother just after school, 10 years of age in 1999 and that is when he heard over the radio that Stewart died in a plane crash with six on board and all getting killed. He was such an ardent fan that he started weeping after hearing the news. Payne was his most favorite player as stated by him. But it was very cool of him to be dressed in an attire like Payne and in spite of not meeting him he still hero-worships him which receives accolades from his fans across the world. But he did not reveal his idea even to hic friends and family and that is the reason everyone was stunned. But he had an unde par score in the final.