Lee Westwood – 15 and Confident

The European Ryder Cup contender, Lee Westwood, confidently reported that his finish at number 15 at the USPGA will guarantee him a wildcard entry to the tournament.

Lee Westwood is an English born, 41 year old professional golfer, and is regarded as one of those few consistent and gifted golfers who have managed to ace tournaments like the European tour and PGA tour, on nearly every major continent. The seasons 1998, 2000 and 2009 saw him as player of the year. Westwood has also managed to win the Tour Order of Merit, in Europe in 2000 and in 2009 he was the renamed Race to Dubai. An interesting fact about Westwood is that he has been mentioned frequently as one of the golfers without pocketing any major championship.

He has managed to topple golf great Tiger Woods to become the Numero Uno in world golf standings in October, 2010 and was the first British golfer to do so after Nick Faldo in 1994. However, his term of superiority lasted only a span of five and a half months.
This season at the Valhalla, he started promisingly on the opening day, unfortunately finished 7 shots behind the winner Rory Mcllroy. He however holds enough optimism and believes that his performance so far will manage to convince Paul McGinley, the European skipper.

Westwood told journalists, “I have a decent week ahead to build on for further success. Hey, if at the end of the day I am in the top 15, I consider that a good week for me.”
“I feel better and fitter now. I have a clear focus and know how things are going on and what I am to do. Honestly, my play was like shit, I feel I have improved from there on.”