Augusta National 2015 Might Be Final Masters For Stricker

Steve Stricker swung his way in full glory around the prestigious Augusta National a few days back after his return from critical surgery. But he is also having this feeling that this Augusta could be the final Masters for him ever.
In case it is so, he left some great memories for himself and his fans.

Steve’s four-under-par sixty eight equalled his 2nd best scoring in his fifty rounds played here. The golf champ’s best score was a good 66 in 1st round fifteen years back in 2000.

The golf champ is 48 at present & it was just in December only that he returned to his sport post surgery. Steve teed up with Augusta National 2015 which marked his 1st start for the running year & made cut on number.

Even prior to his surgery, Steve was not playing regularly. He cut back on his golf schedule to enjoy good time with family. Whilst he is very much willing for more stints at Masters yet he is not exactly sure whether he would be able to qualify again or not.

“I was thinking about it this very morning”, stated Stricker while speaking about his assumption that the Augusta 2015 might be the final Masters for him.

The star golfer, who once rose to the staggering rank of world # 2, has at present slipped to # 75. To regain his previous glory, the golfer would need to work really hard to get at least up to 50 or otherwise he has triumph at Masters in 2016.

“I have to work really hard to climb up back there”, he continued. “It has always been my goal to climb back there & such a goal is common for every golfer. Thus, I would be looking forward to work on that throughout this year as well as next year.”