Rickie Fowler And Spring Break Pics

If you are looking to hitch a lone professional golfer, Rickie Fowler would be the man to follow.

He still seems to be the single man on the courses. About 28 years of age, he has been spending his spring break at the Bahamas along with pals from PGA like Symlie Kaufman, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth along with their girlfriends.

There have been photos of him being the seventh lone wheel in a pic where the three couples are locked in kisses front and center. It seems that Fowler opted to go for the tropical holiday without having a date and joined his buddies as they dived off yachts or hit the green. All this he did and more without adding any spice on social media, it is not that he shies away from social attention or life in general and his single status has definitely gained a lot of attention lately, especially since the Ryder Cup celebrations that were documented last fall of Team USA. It is indeed a bold move on his part to be seen singly when his friends were along with their significant others.

He had been seen with Alexis Randock before whom he kissed after he won the Players Championship in the year 2015. He was also linked with Lauren Barr recently, but it does not seem that he is attached to anyone of late. He was concentrating on his performance at the Masters that was held recently where it seemed that he might have some possibilities of a win but his final performance dropped to the eleventh place eventually. The festivities might be over, but the Ryder Cup photo that was shot in SB2K216 was reenacted this year as it gained much popularity. Indeed, the iconic stance of the single man Fowler among the kissing couples makes it a pic hard to ignore.