Steve Stricker suggested pairing Speith and Reed for fourball matches

It was Steve Stricker who suggested that Jordan Speith and Patrick Reed were the best pairing combo for competing in the Four-ball format. Their performance was very good and they hoped to be chosen again for the following Friday’s competition.

Steve Stricker from Wisconsin was chosen to assist Captain Tom Watson in the US team that competed in the Ryder Cup 2014. This championship takes place once every two years. This year it took place in Perthshire, Scotland. For the last 6 competitions the Europeans have won five times. The American teams, for the last 21 years have not been able to win even once in Europe.

Stricker, now 47 years old was hopeful of being able to play in the team but his injuries didn’t permit him to play. No one as young as Stricker had coached the US team ever before. It was hoped that he would be able to assist the US team perform to the best of their ability in this year’s competition.

Steve Stricker has won 12 PGA tournaments. Most of his success came in 2009. That year he won three tournaments and got the second place on the money list. In the official World Golf Ranking he once was in the second place, that was the highest rank he ever achieved.

Stricker’s wife Nicki is often seen as his caddy, his father in law and brother in law were both golfers who took part on the PGA tour.

In his early years, Stricker used to play golf in Lake Ripley Club located near Cambridge and in the Edgerton Towne Country Club in Edgerton. He graduated in the year of 1990 from the University of Illinois. He earned himself All American honors as a golf team member in the years of 1988 and 1989.

Lee Westwood – 15 and Confident

The European Ryder Cup contender, Lee Westwood, confidently reported that his finish at number 15 at the USPGA will guarantee him a wildcard entry to the tournament.

Lee Westwood is an English born, 41 year old professional golfer, and is regarded as one of those few consistent and gifted golfers who have managed to ace tournaments like the European tour and PGA tour, on nearly every major continent. The seasons 1998, 2000 and 2009 saw him as player of the year. Westwood has also managed to win the Tour Order of Merit, in Europe in 2000 and in 2009 he was the renamed Race to Dubai. An interesting fact about Westwood is that he has been mentioned frequently as one of the golfers without pocketing any major championship.

He has managed to topple golf great Tiger Woods to become the Numero Uno in world golf standings in October, 2010 and was the first British golfer to do so after Nick Faldo in 1994. However, his term of superiority lasted only a span of five and a half months.
This season at the Valhalla, he started promisingly on the opening day, unfortunately finished 7 shots behind the winner Rory Mcllroy. He however holds enough optimism and believes that his performance so far will manage to convince Paul McGinley, the European skipper.

Westwood told journalists, “I have a decent week ahead to build on for further success. Hey, if at the end of the day I am in the top 15, I consider that a good week for me.”
“I feel better and fitter now. I have a clear focus and know how things are going on and what I am to do. Honestly, my play was like shit, I feel I have improved from there on.”

Confident Westwood over toiling Woods at USPGA

While Lee Westwood from England has it lucky and confident, United States Tiger Woods has taken a hard hit where he told he was there to win, unfortunately actions proved otherwise.

At the end of the first round of the 96th USPGA, the gap was just nine holes, the favor being on Westwood’s side. Rory Mcllroy is undoubtedly the favorite for the season, finishing 7 holes ahead of Westwood.

However, his finish in the 15th place has not managed to deter Westwood as he is confident his performance will suffice to guarantee a ticket to the European Ryder’s Cup Wildcard entry. Westwood has been heard mentioning, “I did my best and I am happy that I managed to end the first round at 15. I know this will be enough to impress and convince skipper McGinley (European skipper Paul McGinley)”, said Westwood.

“I was not in form and playing crap. It is improving, I can feel it. Last week felt like turning a corner. Club swings are not good unless they are converted into low rounds. I had that going for me. The last day was especially mentionable. I had one thing in mind, carry the momentum into the course and not do anything impulsive. I began by keeping the practice rounds low-key and succeeded by making nine birdies happen. I hope I can play this well again,” Westwood said on being asked what he thought about his first round performance.

Westwood completely wooed crowds by displaying a flying start bagging a superb 65, that mentionable included a double-bogey at the 1st, 10th and 25th puts. The 41 year old played 32 shots for the outward half of the course by birding his closing four holes consecutively.

“The week has been good, all that’s left is for another decent one to build up my form.”

Fowler Paying Tribute To Late Payne Stewart

Fowler appears to be very cool coming from school straightaway. In spite of just one triumph of PGA Tour he has already become famous. He comes across as a very fashionable golfer with his looks, clothes and demeanour. Strangely he has female fans following him and suggests that he resembles like Johnny Depp.

For the first round of the U.S Open he will be paying tribute to the late Payne Stewart and that is why he is blessed with a soul which is genuine. On a Thursday morning he dressed like Payne Stewart and his fellow compatriots were surprised to see him in such a getup. Phil Mickelson acknowledged his act and gave him a thumbs-up. Phil Mickelson had lost to Stewart in 1999. But Fowler did not follow tam-o’-shanter of Stewart which was his trademark style. But all in all he was pleased with his dressing. It was certainly no gimmick of marketing rather it was sheer tribute and homage that he gave to Stewart.

It acted as an inspiration for him since while he was in the car with his mother just after school, 10 years of age in 1999 and that is when he heard over the radio that Stewart died in a plane crash with six on board and all getting killed. He was such an ardent fan that he started weeping after hearing the news. Payne was his most favorite player as stated by him. But it was very cool of him to be dressed in an attire like Payne and in spite of not meeting him he still hero-worships him which receives accolades from his fans across the world. But he did not reveal his idea even to hic friends and family and that is the reason everyone was stunned. But he had an unde par score in the final.

Nicklaus tips Woods to break major record

Record major winner Jack Nicklaus still believes Tiger Woods is the man to break his record of eighteen major titles while United States Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson has no hesitation about making Woods one of three wildcard picks for the Ryder Cup – but both these claims come in with the caveat whether the former world number one is healthy.

Although Nicklaus doesn’t have any idea when the former world number one will be able to return to the course, he has no doubts that a fully fit Tiger Woods is the only man capable enough of overtaking him to become the man with the most major honors.

Woods, who last won a major title at the US Open in 2008, has confirmed that he will be skipping the event this year after failing to recover adequately from a back injury that had been troubling for the last couple of season and according to Golden Bear, the American wants to return as soon as he possibly can because he really misses the game.

Nicklaus went on to add that if he is healthy enough, Tiger Woods has got the quality to play the premium golf for the next ten years with ease.

He added that if that be the case, then he would get a chance to play in forty major tournaments and he just needs five wins to surpass him and so, there is no doubt in his mind that he will race past him in the record books.

Watson meanwhile added that there is no doubt that he will make Tiger one of his wildcard picks if he is healthy and playing well. But he added that Woods himself doesn’t know when he can fully recover and play competitive golf again and that can make the plans go awry a bit.

McDowell clarifies comments made on Woods

Northern Irish golfer Graeme McDowell has taken to the popular micro blogging site Twitter to clear the air about certain comments he made about Tiger Woods last week during a press meet.

McDowell spoke to a group from the media during his appearance at the Arnold Palmer Invitational which took place in Florida and a part of his interview made its way into the official website of the US PGA Tour where it is written how the Northern Irishman believes that Tiger has lost that force field of invincibility that used to surround him during his heyday.
He also added that the aura emanating from him is that strong anymore.

G-Mac also commented that that doesn’t change the fact that he is still Tiger Woods, the greatest player he has ever seen or played with in his opinion. McDowell also said that he doesn’t remember the first time he played with him but remembers that he had a certain ‘wow’ factor surrounding him. It was almost as if he was playing a different game than he was. But he also said that players get older and things change and that is how it should be.

And now, McDowell has taken to Twitter to comment on the interview saying that some of the comments he made during that interview have been taken out of context as well. He wrote that 90% of the questions he was asked during the press meet at Bay Hill were about Tiger speculating where his game was at the moment.

He also wrote that many of the comments he had made were taken out of context and spun in a negative light which didn’t make good reading when reviewed later. He also hailed the impact Woods has had on the sport in his brief rebuttal on Twitter.

Dream Comes True For Shannon Sykora

Two years ago one of the most ecstatic things happened in the life of Shannon Sykora when he was named the coach for the Barry University Women’s golf. However he was appointed as the interim coach at that time meaning that his job would be a temporary one. But that did not diminish the enthusiasm for the love towards the sport and that led him to finish his team in the third spot in the nation and along with that his team is also ranked second in the while country. His success also had several other feathers when a junior player from Venezuela who was also one of his team members became the first player to become the national champion from her school. Apart from her there were other very important players too who played key roles to achieve this feat. Given below are some of the names along with their achievements under Shannon:
• Maria Paola Fioro- she is a team leader and also one of Shannon’s starting players.
• Nicky Ferre- so far this season she has reached the Division II and has also been in the second rank. To add to this she has also finished in the top five in four major tournaments till now.
• Francesca Perini- she is a junior from Italy but has been in the good books of Shannon. He once said that she is a very good scorer and also a strong putter. Quite a compliment for a junior player.
• Daniela Murray- she is also a junior player but she is from Brazil. She is said to have a short and she is very precise.
• Martina Bertuccioli- so far in the first four tournaments this Argentina freshman was selected to be in the starting lineup for Shannon’s team.

McDowell and Rory McIlroy to play in Irish Open

Rory McIlroy and fellow countryman Graeme McDowell have confirmed their participation in the Irish Open which is scheduled to take place early next summer in what is being seen as a huge boost to the event.

The confirmation came after the European Tour sanctioned a change of date for the event and it enabled the duo from the Northern Irish province of Ulster to throw their names into the mix for the Irish Open title.

A proposal had been made so that the Irish Open be moved ahead in the calendar on the European Tour by a week, immediately after the end of the US Open which will take place at Pinehurst at a meeting of the Europe’s Tournament Players Committee, and now, the European Tour has sanctioned the proposal, which will allow two of Northern Ireland’s biggest sporting icons to return to their home event.

There was also discussion in the meeting regarding a regulation that would make it mandatory for a European Tour member to play in the primary event at their home and another event on the European Tour. Both Rory McIlroy as well as Graeme McDowell had long stated that they are committed to the Irish Open but the date of the event for next season would have clashed with the Scottish Open, which both of them wanted to play in.

But now, with this date change, both McDowell and his younger compatriot have no hurdles stopping them from playing in their home event.

And Paul McGinley, he Ryder Cup captain for the European Tour also hailed the efforts of the European Tour to ensure players play in their home events. He stated that the Irish Open would have lost a lot of charm without Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy present and this has been a great step.

FedEx Cup 2013

Pro golf player Steve Stricker, now 46, may have got the rule for playing on the PGA Tour. By taking the decision quite early to only take part in few golf events and spend some extra time with his friends and family members, he might have put up a draft for the rest of the golfers to follow. Now, Steve has reached to FedEx Cup Playoffs in a relaxed and rested mood ready to go the course.

Let’s see how it worked for the veteran golfer who is looking to join Champions Tour in years to come. Stricker played in 11 tournaments, made 11 cuts, ended in the top 10 six times. He has taken around US$ 3.5 Million dollars that does not add what looks to be a hefty paycheck at BMW Championship.

The thing that Stricker did not act this year, was to seal a tournament. Earlier in the year, Steve ended 2nd next to US golfer Tiger Woods at WGC Cadillac Championship at Doral. He even did not take part on the 1st week of the play offs to attend marriage ceremony. Steve was able to start his playoff campaign in 20th spot. After ending 2nd at Deutsche Bank, he made it to the 8th spot.

Steve is 1 stroke off the lead at the Conway Farms as the game begins on Sunday, and endures to get out of there in the 4th spot if he ends in 2nd position or better. Jim Furyk has got the lead when they tee it up, but people have seen Jim fold in a final round several times earlier for couple of years. Therefore, the door could be open for Steve to get to Atlanta as high as 2nd spot.

Faldo warned Rory McIlroy about switch

Golfing legend Nick Faldo had warned former world number one Rory McIlroy about making wholesale changes to his golfing equipments, making his highly publicized switch from Titleist equipments to Nike Golf.

According to Faldo, he always thought the switch was a bad idea and added that he had warned the youngster about making the switch. The Hall of Famer is currently training for his return to competitive golf at the British Open this month when he will turn 56 years of age and he echoed his prophetic warning again.

Speaking to reporters, Faldo stated that the former world number one simply messed up the winning formula that had worked for him so well and had won his two major titles. He went on to state that Rory McIlroy went from rookie of the year to world number one in the space of a year with an equipment company and thought that he could do it again with Nike Golf. He mentioned that he had held this belief from the very beginning and had even tweeted about it when the move was announced that it was an extremely dangerous idea.

The Northern Irishman has had the worst possible year for a professional golfer, especially for someone who is ranked at number two in the world and he has struggled to stay on the course on several occasions, missing the cut of four occasions already this year.

Things turned so bad that Nike Golf had to turn to Paul Casey to defend the company after Rory’s debacle and Casey’s success at the Irish Open. But according to Nick Faldo, golf is a lot about the feel of the ball and with this new equipment, he doesn’t think Rory McIlroy is feeling that anymore and that his resulted in the disastrous outcomes this season.