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Tom Lewis has shown quite an extra ordinary performance with his array of skills and the achievements he has managed to obtain in such a short span of time.

Winning the Portugal Masters has made him set a record for the fastest golf player to win a title at such a short span of his professional career. Tiger Woods was known for this quick succession of victories, but his first win only came on his fifth tournament. Rory Mc’Ilroy did not enjoy the sweet taste of victory until his 38th tournament.


Steve Stricker and Tiger Woods recently recorded the biggest and worst loss the President’s Cup has ever seen. Both Woods and Steve Stricker failed to win a hole on Thursday or make a birdie.

This comes as a great surprise since these two were the unbeatable pair not many years ago in California in which the United States won the tournament. While K.J.Choi and Adam Scott played relentlessly at the Royal Melbourne by keeping the ball in play and making a lot of birdies, Woods and Steve Stricker on the other hand, self destructed them. The international side won seven and six.


Rory Mcilroy was named in the New Year’s Honours List of Britain last Thursday along with several other sportsmen. It’s a huge honour and achievement for the Northern Irishman.

The reigning US Open champion, Rory Mcilroy received the prestigious Member of the British Empire which is considered to be the very first rung on the Britain’s honours ladder.

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Our Sponsors: Colonies Crossroads

Dan Richards, a co-managing partner of the Colonies Crossroads in Upland, California took the time to visit three of the OPARC facilities in early 2006. Dan spent a couple of hours touring facilities in Rancho Cucamonga and Montclair with OPARC President/CEO Ron Wolff. Dan was very impressed with OPARC and soon after committed Colonies Crossroads to a long term relationship as the “Presenting Sponsor” for our annual golf tournament.

OPARC and its clients are delighted to be added to the long list of charities generously supported by the Colonies Crossroads.