Steve Stricker says Tiger Woods is ‘antsy’ to return to golf

Tiger Woods has been passing fused signals regarding his eventual come back to the game of golf – he said last month that he does not know when he would be quite healthy enough to play, just after he replied to widespread bruits that his wounds had left him helpless by uploading a video of his swing – and earlier on Monday Tiger’s agent triggered a bit of a stir by denying to rule out a surprise show at Augusta.

The Masters will take place next week. And it is greatly unlikely that Tiger will take part in that. But Steve Stricker, who is one of his closest friends in the circuit, told that Woods is anxious to get back to the game. Steve Stricker speculated that Tiger may sit out the whole year, but not because he does not want to play.

He told a leading golf website that he could see him just staying away in 2016. He had asked him if he is getting healthier. And he says he is. And he’s antsy to get back. But he believes that this time, Tiger wants to take it a bit slower, and ensure that everything is okay with his back, and he is healed and ready to go before he comes back. He produces so much force in that swing. And the body could just take so much. Therefore, he is very sure that Tiger is just making sure that everything is okay before he comes back.